1. What is airbrush tanning?

    Airbrush tanning is a UV-free, custom, handcrafted tan. Maybe you have tried a Mystic tan or another type of booth spray tan. Airbrushing is not the same thing. A trained, Envymist airbrush technician comes to your home and mists you with a high quality DHA solution. This wont leave any streaks or uneven marks. In booth tans, many areas are missed. With the luxury of a trained technician, we make sure all areas are evenly tanned with a natural looking color.

  2. How long does the procedure take?

    Approximately 10-15 minutes.

  3. How long will my airbrush tan last?

    Your tan should last about 7 days, you can extend the life of your tan by purchasing our tan extending lotion and our ph balanced body cleanser. Without our products, just moisturize daily and use a light soap on your skin that does not include Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Also, preparation for you tan greatly effects your outcome. We highly recommend using our body exfoliator, shaving and adding a skin optimizer before we airbrush you.

    Be sure not to shower for the first 6-12 hours, as this is when the DHA is setting in your skin. We also suggest avoiding vigorous activity that would lead you to sweat during the first 6 hours.

  4. How Does Airbrush Tanning work?

    Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an FDA approved ingredient that comes from raw sugar cane, is applied to your skin in our tanning solution. This ingredient reacts with the outermost layer of your skin to produce a natural golden color within a few hours. In the premium solution we use, it also includes a bronzer. This way, you instantly see a beautiful tan while your DHA is developing! The bronzer is cosmetic and will shower off to reveal your long-lasting tan.

  5. What should I wear on the day of my tan?

    Dark, loose fitting clothing. During your tan, you are welcome to wear lingerie, a dark swimsuit or opt for no tan lines.