Welcome to Sound Consulting Nurse!

Sound Consulting Nurse PLLC was started after Highline Medical Center discontinued their 24 hour telephone triage service in March of 2009. That service, which began in 1984 and developed into a state of the art telephone triage department, served more than 70 Highline practitioners at the time of its close. With the news that 24-NURSE was ending, many of the practitioners wondered how they would handle after hours care for their patients.

A group of dedicated RN's and Practitioners decided that the telephone triage service provided by 24-NURSE was too important to lose. The group created Sound Consulting Nurse PLLC with the same highly trained nurses and backed by the practitioners who have used 24-NURSE since its inception.

Since the consulting nurse line is now a privately owned company, clinics across the Northwest may benefit from this amazing service. Clinics searching for expert after hours care for their patients should look no further than SCN and our team of highly trained registered nurses.

We look forward to working for you and being there for your clients.

Providing after hours nurse triage services for your clinic.